My name is Guillermo Ballon (locally known as GBphotography). My work consists of blending the unseen textured materials of the world we live in with people, as how they were at some point of their lives, to create PORTRAIT photography. WEDDING photography is much of my interest also since I challenge myself to preserve timeless memories in a photojournalist and editorial style. 

I live in the historic-artistic city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I use my webpage as a collection of photographs to show my work and exhibit the beauty of this town to people from other areas. I am originally from Lima, Peru. 

In August 2011, I attended a class in Lima-Peru with the photographer Morfi Jimenez, winner of the Hasselblad Master in the category of portrait in 2008.

I majored in Marketing (B.B.A.) at the University of Texas at San Antonio - August 2003.  In 2002, I successfully accomplished my internship for the National Broadcasting Company NBC/Mun2 where I was in charge of the photography department and had the opportunity to photograph bands such as Télépopmusik, Mana, and soloists such as Laura Pausini and Enrique Iglesias

My interest in photography started about fifteen years ago while photographing indigenous people in the Peruvian mountains. 
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